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At a glance

Offices CELAS operates out of GEMA and PRS for Music offices in Germany and the U.K.
Representing repertoire from EMI Music Publishing

Alexander Wolf (Managing Director) ,



What is CELAS?

CELAS  is an exciting new company set up to represent a certain set of EMI Music Publishing’s repertoire for online and mobile exploitation in Europe. It is jointly owned by two of Europe’s leading music Collective Rights Managers – PRS for Music in the U.K.(Mechanical Copyright Protection Society - Performing Right Society) and GEMA in Germany (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte).

CELAS is leading the way in promoting rights-holders choice and control over how their music is used. It is making a ground breaking step towards supporting the changes the European Commission is encouraging in Collective Rights Management (CRM) operations in Europe.

All CELAS earnings minus administrative costs are paid to domestic/international publishers whose repertoire is used in online and mobile services including downloading, streaming and ringtones.

CELAS aims to ensure that licensees can get the maximum bundle of rights by including the PRS and GEMA  licence of that repertoire on a pan-European basis.  CELAS is the first organisation in Europe to offer such licences for cross border music services for online and mobile applications in one place.

CELAS GmbH is registered in Germany and operates out of GEMA and PRS for Music offices in Germany and the U.K.



Who is CELAS?

CELAS, at its heart is those people who write and publish the music and lyrics that reach every part of our lives. It represents rights in works published by EMI Music Publishing, the world’s leading music publisher.

CELAS proudly represents all genres of music, covering repertoire from EMI publishing* and various countries including U.K., North America and Australia amongst others. Such repertoire includes a huge range of songs including recent hits by Scissor Sisters and Gorillaz; up and coming bands such as The Arctic Monkeys, The Feeling and Kasabian; leading writers such as Kate Bush, James Blunt, Jamiroquai, Dianne Warren (hits for Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears) and Cathy Dennis (hits for Kylie and Britney); classic rock back catalogues such as Queen, Sting and Nirvana; timeless hits from the catalogues of Motown (such as “I heard it through the grapevine”) and Bacharach and David (such as “The Look of Love”) as well as many other hundreds of writers making their early steps in the music business.

The licence fees CELAS collects are distributed as royalties to the rights holders promptly whenever their works are used in the online and mobile environments.

CELAS is committed to constantly improving our services to members and in maintaining relevance in this exciting new technological environment. It was created in recognition that online music services require new approaches to licensing.

* predominately for songs written and composed in the English language








CELAS Services

CELAS offers a raft of services for the whole of the music industry including:

  • Offering pan-European Licences

  • Collecting and distributing royalties

  • Monitoring and auditing of EMI published licensed works throughout Europe

  • Playing a key anti-piracy role in the online and mobile markets

  • Promoting efficient working between users, CRMs and rights holders